Jermaine jumping

Dear Jermaine, Or should I call you Junior? I understand that it is your nickname, and I want to address you in the most respectful way that I can. How about Mr. Jones? There’s an air of deference with that title, and who doesn’t love the Counting Crows? Mr. Jones, I am sorry. I really […]

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Landon head in hands

On Thursday, May 22nd, 2014, the United States Men’s National Team announced its 23-man roster of players that would be traveling to Brazil to compete in soccer’s World Cup. Ben and I emailed back and forth (BF) about this for a few days. Ben’s thoughts are in blue, while mine are in red. If Matt […]

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With Dana Nelson and Andrew Heil

Quick quiz: Who’s the first person that you look for in a group picture that you know that you’re apart of? Come on… It’s just the two of us. Go ahead and admit it. It’s human nature to do this and it’s perfectly normal. Now, we each have different experiences when we see pictures of […]

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Seraph Orange

Can you remember your last fight? I’m not talking about fisticuffs (although I guess I could be). I’m talking about a disagreement that became heated and crossed into something beyond that. Maybe if you can’t remember your last one, can you remember a really powerful one? I’m talking about an argument that strains a relationship […]

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Text to Andy 1

Sometimes, less really is more

With just 19 minutes before the soccer game was to start, and a 10 minute drive ahead of me, I finally got my text off to Andy, the head coach. You see, today was to be the last game of our season. My 9-year old son was playing in a local U10 soccer league, and […]

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Walter Heisenburg

People change…

85% of this post was written in September of 2012. Since the finale of Breaking Bad airs tomorrow night, I decided that it might be time to finish and publish this.   Ok, I’ll admit it. This is perhaps the simplest, most obvious, and least clever title for a blog post that I (or anyone […]

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62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Show

How Breaking Bad hooked me too

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen my favorite current show go through a bit of a status transition in the media and the popular culture. What was once a dark, but well-receive and respected piece of character development and tragic story telling has now become a pop-culture bubblegum bonanza. In the past week, in […]

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Cross rally hands 3

The crosses that were intended to be displayed on the riverfront sidewalk in Evansville finally had their day in the sun; literally. From 3-4pm on a beautiful Sunday that managed to live up to its name, a gathering of supporters came to a riverfront-adjacent hotel parking lot to celebrate the completion of the artfully decorated […]

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Kiefer with the tickets

Perhaps I should explain where “the long con” comes from. If you’re familiar with the TV show LOST, you may already know what I’m talking about here. An entire episode is devoted to a character on the island who formerly operated as a con man in his past. Through flashbacks, a story is told about […]

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