Meeting Eva Kor, Holocaust Survivor

As I stared out at the corn fields from the middle of our charter bus, a light rain danced and wiggled down the window.  We were less than 100 minutes away from meeting an actual survivor of the Holocaust.  I was anxious, and didn’t quite know how to feel about meeting her.  Should I be sad?  Excited?  Humbled?  Honored?  It’s like watching a disaster unfold on television: you know you feel sickened by all the pain being experienced, but you can’t quite pull yourself away from the fascination of it all. Survivor of Auschwitz As a child, Eva Kor was…


Justice Reexamined

Justice is a colorful word.  It means a plethora of different things in different situations to different people. has nearly a dozen different takes on the word, all with slightly unique ways of describing the idea.  Personally, I tend to associate the word “justice” with an idea of someone getting what they deserve, or (more positively) someone getting what they have a right to.  Using another definition of the word “right”, justice is a chance to “make things right”. Justice can also be looked at as a way to bring things to an equilibrium, or get an unbalanced situation…


Tuesday Newsday – Roman Polanski Arrested

On March 10, 1977, a 43 year old Roman Polanski photographed a young model for a French magazine. After the shoot, they ended up in Jack Nicholson’s hot tub, where they got stoned on Quaaludes, and eventually had sex. The girl, Samantha Gailey, was just 13 years old. Sadly, this was not the first time that Polanski was caught in the public eye for events other than his work in the movie industry.  As I wrote about last month, his pregnant wife was murdered just a few years earlier by the followers of Charles Manson. Strangely enough, after the hot…