Zac can bring value to your team with his engaging communication style and background in organizational psychology and human connection. Whether speaking at your event or workshop, C-level consulting, or group facilitation, he will leave your group asking new and better questions, with improved language with which to implement solutions for long-term impact.


Photo credit: Johnna Nedreberg Photography

Photo credit: Johnna Nedreberg Photography

Millennial Issues

Every new generational cohort gets its opportunity to be scrutinized and categorized as it comes of age. With the recent arrival of adulthood in the youngest of this age bracket (those born from 1980 to 1998), the attention given to Generation Y has never been more intense. As an elder in this group, Zac speaks to the unique perspective that Millennials have on technology, work/life balance, sex/dating, parenting, religion, and craftsmanship. 


Why Change?

If your team is preparing for a significant change, of any kind, don't skimp on the "Why" when sharing the rest of the details. Whether your team needs a presentation on the benefits of change, or a facilitated workshop to safely discuss the fears that this change might bring, Zac will encourage a deep dive into those details that will ultimately engender trust in the vision and the leaders responsible for bringing that change forward.

Photo credit: Johnna Nedreberg Photography

Photo credit: Johnna Nedreberg Photography

Unity Dynamics

Just like how a vaccine can help a patient to develop an immunity to certain infections or diseases, a respectful acknowledgement of differing perspectives can help to immunize your team. Zac's approach for dealing with differences in a group can help to avoid having a toxic culture and breakdowns with real consequences. This unique method of finding team unity involves creating a safe space to explore differences and developing language for returning to that space.


And How?

Change may seem inevitable, but structured change in a specific direction involves a concerted commitment to the language that undergirds the change. Every organization has a culture, even if it has not been developed intentionally. This culture drives the behaviors that become habits, which in turn, help to reinforce the culture. Zac can help to uncover, identify, or create the language needed to reinforce the changes in your organization. 

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